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      The Clubhouse Model is Expanding in Ohio

The purpose of the Ohio Coalition is to establish and enhance accredited Clubhouses across Ohio.

The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OMHAS) is supporting the growth of the Clubhouse Model in Ohio.  Clubhouse Ohio, which includes the existing Clubhouse communities;

Is very exciting to see people across Ohio bringing a Clubhouse to their communities. The enthusiastic start-ups are in,

Thanks to additional funding from OMHAS, all seven Ohio startups were able to participate in the New Clubhouse Development training offered by Clubhouse International this past spring along with groups from California, Washington, Florida, the Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria. This critical training specifically targets new working groups that are seeking guidance with the initial steps in starting a Clubhouse and provides a valuable “mentorship” link to Clubhouse International resources. With the exponential growth for the Clubhouse Model, all Ohioans living with a mental illness will have more hope and more access to high quality, high-impact services provided by accredited Clubhouses. 

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