Calling all members ... OUR CLUBHOUSE IS OPEN!! We can't wait to see you again!

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There is still beauty around us

Posted on 06/01/20

Today is June 1st - how quickly time goes! With so much happening around us, it's hard to step back and appreciate the beauty that still exists. Today we share with you the beauty around us... read more

Ideastream Shares News About Magnolia Clubhouse

Posted on 05/19/20

Local public multimedia source Ideastream is sharing news about Magnolia Clubhouse in their series "Postcards from the Pandemic!" "Postcards From The Pandemic - Finding Community In Isolation" Also, check out this link to their previous story on... read more

"It's Going Well!"

Posted on 05/15/20

Each day at the Clubhouse, our units hold meetings to schedule the days work. Because we cannot be at the Clubhouse now, we have adapted those meetings to "ZOOM". It's certainly been an interesting adjustment,... read more

Springtime at Magnolia Clubhouse!

Posted on 05/12/20

For some of us, the 'stay at home' orders have been quite a challenge... we are definitely missing out on some of the highlights of springtime at the Clubhouse ... mainly the beautiful landscaping!! [image:4] Fortunately, Chuck... read more

Everything is going to be OK!

Posted on 05/07/20

We are all in this pandemic together. Some days are more difficult than others. The members of Magnolia Clubhouse have been doing well, even though we cannot be together, we continue to keep in touch... read more

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