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Employment & Education

Mental illness can be a barrier to getting (and keeping) a job or being successful in school. With the support of the Clubhouse, both are possible:


Transitional Employment 

A structured employment program that allows members to gain the skills and confidence necessary to sustain a paying job by working for one of our partner employers. Job placements are part-time with on-the-job training and off-site support from Clubhouse staff and other members.

Transitional placements generally last from six to twelve months, at which point members may try another placement, return to school, or move on to Independent Employment.

For employers, we guarantee that the job will done satisfactorily each day. We invite the business community to join us in helping our members to become contributing members of our community. If you would like information about how to become an employment partner, please contact us.


Independent Employment 

For members who are ready to find and acquire their own job, but still benefit from ongoing support and encouragement from the Clubhouse. 

For both Transitional and Independent Employment, staff helps members with resumes, applications, and interview skills.


Education Support

For members who would like to continue their education—whether pursuing a GED, college degree, or certificate program—the Clubhouse provides guidance and support. Often, the most difficult part about returning to school is getting started. 

In addition, tutoring is offered by both staff and Clubhouse members for those who need help with reading, math, or computer work. 

Each month, there is an Employment & Education dinner—members share their experiences and answer questions for those who are interested in getting a job or returning to school.

Become a Magnolia Clubhouse Employer

If you are interested in employing Magnolia Clubhouse members through our Transitional Employment program, please contact us. Our staff, working one-on-one with our members, guarantees that the job will be done satisfactorily every day.

We acknowledge our current employment partners:

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