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Magnolia Clubhouse: A Community of Support

Posted December 18, 2018 in From the Newspapers
Publication: Cleveland Jewish News

Magnolia Clubhouse: A Community of Support

Living with Mental Illness? Don't Go It Alone.

One in four people lives with mental illness, less than half get treatment. Treatment primarily consists of medication, and some support for meeting basic needs. People often live in isolation and despair. Magnolia Clubhouse and Clubhouses around the world fill this void in the mental health care system.
Originally founded as Hill House in 1961, with support from the National Council of Jewish Women, Magnolia Clubhouse is a leader in the field of psychiatric rehabilitation. At the heart of the Clubhouse philosophy is the belief that work and relationships are rehabilitative and that both mental and physical health are enhanced when isolation is reduced.
Here, members and staff work side-by-side to run the Clubhouse. On any given day you will find members cooking the daily lunch, answering phones, editing in the video lab, working in our resale shop, preparing mailings, or maintaining the grounds. In keeping with its holistic approach, both psychiatric and primary care are offered in the on-site clinic. And a primary focus of the Clubhouse is assisting people in obtaining employment and in achieving their educational goals.
Do you know someone who suffers from mental illness? Share our story. We welcome your support so that this amazing community of hope and opportunity can continue to thrive for those who need it most. Do you have employment positions that need to be filled? Call us!
And for your home needs, the Magnolia Clubhouse Shop, our upscale resale shop, is run by and for the benefit of our members and program. We are also happy to take donations to the shop as you down size. The shop hours are T-F 10:00-3:30, and 10-4 the first Saturday of every month. Visit our website for more information. Also visit us on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

Magnolia Clubhouse and Magnolia Clubhouse Shop
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Living with mental illness?

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