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Magnolia Clubhouse's sale will help support its mission

Posted January 05, 2018 in From the Newspapers
Publication: The Plain Dealer

Magnolia Clubhouse's sale will help support its mission

Author: Greg Burnett, The Plain Dealer

"I wanted to find a way to cope and have a better life. My case manager suggested Magnolia Clubhouse because it has acceptance, support, friendship and stability."

This quote is from Lakecia, a Magnolia Clubhouse member, in testimony published in a brochure, on how the Clubhouse helped her cope with mental illness. She now works part-time at the Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board of Cuyahoga County.

Magnolia Clubhouse is a place for people with any type of mental illness to come and discover ways to deal with it. The worldwide organization was created by people with mental illness.

Members, 18 years old and up, learn through working as volunteers. Participants can choose from a variety of duties, from working the sales floor to cleaning restrooms.

"This is a program of psychological rehabilitation for people who have mental illness," says Lori D'Angelo, executive director of Magnolia Clubhouse. "One in every four people [worldwide] experience some kind of mental illness. And less than half get treatment. Those who do get help are sometimes given medications. This is a holistic approach. And all the work we do can't be done without our members."

Employment opportunities are pretty scarce for most. For some with mental illness, this issue can be worse. With Magnolia's wide range of professional staffers, members get help with resume writing and interviewing skills. A number of employers, such as University Hospitals, Marriott and Zagara Marketplace, have hired members, according to D'Angelo. All are entry-level positions. They are employed up to a year to help build their skills and confidence. They are all paid positions.

To help support its work, the Clubhouse is having a 50 percent off sale starting from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Saturday in the Clubhouse Shop. In part, the sale will clear out some merchandise so a renovation project can be completed by its spring 2018 deadline.

"Everything in the shop is for sale," says James Ankeny, mental health professional at Magnolia. "All proceeds benefit members of the Clubhouse."

Items that will be on sale include furniture, artwork, china, jewelry and books. All merchandise comes through donations in the Cleveland area. The sale continues Tuesday through Jan. 12. The clubhouse is at 11101 Magnolia Dr., Cleveland.

For more information go to: To see what goes on behind the scenes at the clubhouse, check out it's YouTube channel: magnolia clubhouse.

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