During COVID19, the Clubhouse is running offsite. Members check our blog for updates. WE MISS YOU!

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"It's Going Well!"

Posted on 05/15/20

Each day at the Clubhouse, our units hold meetings to schedule the days work. Because we cannot be at the Clubhouse now, we have adapted those meetings to "ZOOM". It's certainly been an interesting adjustment, getting to know the program, providing some training on how to use it, and working out a few kinks... but we did it, and it's been a wonderful way for us to continue to get together and continue to plan our days, even though our days look different now.

Last week, we thought we would take our newly mastered technology skills another step higher... we recorded a podcast so that we could hear and share, directly from our members, how things are going for them and how they are spending their time while we are away.

Hope you enjoy it!


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