The Clubhouse Model

Magnolia Clubhouse is an innovative and award-winning program of psychosocial rehabilitation and reintegration for people who live with mental illness, based on the model begun by Fountain House in 1948, in New York City.

Magnolia Clubhouse is a community which creates opportunities for people who experience serious and prolonged mental illness. The Clubhouse promotes vocational, educational, social and personal achievements by providing opportunity, support and hope.

The Clubhouse is founded on the philosophy that meaningful work with others is rehabilitative. The members of the club conduct all aspects of the Clubhouse operation in partnership with the staff. The core of the Clubhouse is the community, where relationships are built on a shared purpose.

The comprehensive work of the Clubhouse includes supporting employment, education, wellness and advocacy to improve the quality of people’s lives.

The Clubhouse is a place of belonging, friendship and support, where members are needed and empowered. The holistic approach of the Clubhouse model ensures that all the needs of its membership are met.

The International Clubhouse network, organized by the International Center for Clubhouse Development includes 330 communities in 27 countries. The model is a research-based best practice (see - Evidence-Based Best Practice: Clubhouse Model Research), is standardized, has a certification process and 11 training bases around the world.

ICCD Clubhouses are: