Transitional Employment

Transitional Employment (TE) is an essential feature of Clubhouses. It provides all members an opportunity to be introduced or reintroduced to working. Magnolia Clubhouse develops and sustains part-time job placements with local businesses. These job experiences are time-limited and last from six to 12 months. Members in the transitional employment positions become temporary employees of the participating company, and are paid prevailing job rates. Members continue to be a vital part of the Clubhouse during their TE. The Clubhouse works closely with members to understand how work affects their benefits and supports members in making decisions for themselves.

Members can return to work, earn a good wage, expand their experiences and obtain good job references. Magnolia Clubhouse supports members throughout their TE experience by providing on-the-job training, supervision and support. The Clubhouse also fills in for any member unable to work on their TE, providing employers guaranteed job coverage. Members can try a variety of TE placements.

"I have learned how to act in a professional way through working TEs. My job skills improved. For example, I've learned to be on time without totally stressing out or going into a depression. One of the things that has kept me going is the support from the Clubhouse, both members and staff. I know I can always get help and support from the Clubhouse without worrying about being reprimanded. When I'm not working, I know I have somewhere to go that I'm wanted and needed."
-- William, Clubhouse Member

"I never thought I'd be working in an office. I feel more confident now that I'm doing a TE position. I've learned a lot in the Clubhouse's Clerical Unit that helped me get ready. Now, I'm getting more experience and skills that I need for a job later."
-- Elaine, Clubhouse Member

"TE is a perfect opportunity to recover and to move toward a regular work life. Being able to try some short-term TE placements has made a significant difference for me. The Clubhouse staff and other members have been so enthusiastic and supportive, giving me advice and reinforcement to help me succeed. I know that I'm much more ready for permanent work than I was."
-- Chris, Clubhouse Member

Transitional Employment Employers

ADAMHS Board of Cuyahoga County
Crop Kitchen
Cleveland Metropark Zoo
Mars Electric Co.
TJ Maxx
University Hospitals
Zagara's Marketplace                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Courtyard Marriott