Magnolia Clubhouse is a vital community of growth, opportunity and hope, run by it’s members in partnership with mental health professionals.  Magnolia Clubhouse’s mission is to ensure that people who live with mental illness are respected co-workers, neighbors and friends. Members of Magnolia Clubhouse are intricately involved in all aspects of promoting the rights of people who live with mental illness. We work to ensure each member’s individual rights are upheld and we work with the international network of the Clubhouse model as a human rights movement promoting social justice. Magnolia Clubhouse is involved in efforts at the local, state and national levels, both individually and through the U.S. Clubhouse Coalition, as well as through collaboration with other local, state and national organizations, including NAMI and the Mental Health Advocacy Coalition.

With the changes and current trends in legislation and funding, advocacy for ourselves and on behalf of our loved ones with mental illness is more important than ever. We must all be willing to aggressively inform legislators and other decision makers that, with proper psychiatric care, people with mental illness can recover to live self-fulfilling and productive lives.

To find the names and contact information of your legislators, click the link below. After entering your nine-digit (zip+4) zip code, click the “Lookup Legislators” bar. The names of all your elected officials will be listed and you can access each one’s contact information.