How Do I Become a Member?

Becoming A Clubhouse Member 

Magnolia Clubhouse is a Club for people who live with mental illness.  We need you, you belong, and you are part of our community.  Our Club will help you achieve your goals and dreams.  To join call 216-721-3030 and a time will be set for you to have a tour.  Or you can visit whenever you would like. (VP - Voice Phone for Deaf members is 216-370-7130.)

The Clubhouse Model started in New York in 1948 with Fountain House, and was started by people like you and me.  There are now Clubhouses around the world and you can get to know people in other states and countries who belong to a Clubhouse.

Membership in the Clubhouse is your choice and a lifelong opportunity.    Members are needed to do all the work it takes to operate the Club.  Members and staff work side by side.  The Club helps people become employed and helps people further their education.  Magnolia Clubhouse also advocates to help its members, and others to improve the circumstances for people whose lives are touched by mental illness.

At Magnolia Clubhouse we are also helping each other improve our health and wellness.  We have our Carriage House Clinic, where members can see our doctors and nurses and have all their medical services here, bringing together psychiatric services and primary care services with the supports of our Club.

It's your Clubhouse.  Come and visit us for yourself.  It's a place where you are wanted...and needed.