Want to help? DONATE NOW

$40 covers the cost of one day for one member
$200 covers the cost of one week of participation
$3,000 covers the average cost for one person a year

At an average cost of $600 a day for hospitalization, 5 days in the hospital are equivalent to a year at the Clubhouse

$1,000 pays for 200 Clubhouse lunches

$2,000 is the monthly operational costs not covered by insurance of the Magnolia Clubhouse’s Carriage House Clinic 

$3,000 covers the cost for participation of one person in the evidence based best practice Clubhouse for the year

$4,000 covers the daily cost for 100 people at the Clubhouse

$5,000 pays for one third of the program supplies for the year

Make A Donation of Stock.  We accept stock shares as charitable donations.

Create A Legacy.  We’d be happy to assist you with planned giving or the creation of a charitable remainder trust.

Make An Honorary or Memorial Gift.  We welcome gifts made in honor of family and friends, both living and deceased.

Please contact Dr. Lori D'Angelo,, for more information about any of these giving options.

Magnolia Clubhouse is a tax-exempt 501 c3 organization.  Our EIN: 52 - 2441206 for tax purposes.